Review of Exposure (The Fringe #2)

EXPOSURE (THE FRINGE #2) By Tarah Benner       25093274

Meh. There’s a growing mystery surrounding the compounds, but honestly it took me FOREVER to finish this because none of it really grabbed me. There’s lots of elements I should like, but it just sort of falls flat. None of the characters are all the compelling. The world isn’t as scary as it should be. I just don’t FEEL it. And the timeline seems very off. Eli talks about mugging people when he still lived in the Fringe as a gang member and all the guy had was some credit cards in his wallet. Seriously? This was supposedly years after the nuclear war and people in the Fringe are scraping by without an infrastructure or electricity and yet people are still carrying credit cards? In the first book, he talks about how he was brought into the compound at about 15ish and Harper was brought in as a baby, and apparently he remembers her when they were in the orphanage together at some point. Yet Harper is maybe 18ish and he’s 25ish when the story starts. Then in this book, he mentions that Harper was brought into the Compound after him. Huh? It was as if the author either forgot her timeline, or she didn’t like the idea of a 30 something dating an 18 year old.

And the timeline of the nuclear war/s is funny. There’s maybe 3-4 generations of people in the Compound as I can figure, so maybe 50 years since it was officially bad outside, yet Eli seems to remember the world how it was before the war/s? How would he know? His parents could have told him things but he’d have no personal memories until afterwards.

Just really frustrating when added to the fact that the characters are just all frustratingly unclear.

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