New Adult Romance in Progess!

So, I started a romance a while back and picked it back up. It’s a New Adult Romance, 1st person from the guy’s perspective, called “The Bro Code” Here’s the opening paragraph. I’m almost to 9000 words. It’ll probably be a novella. What do you think?

Amanda Slate’s legs first got my attention at Mike’s annual Christmas party. She was wearing one of those short dresses that showed them off—and damn!—firm tan legs that went all the up as my gramps used to say. Can you tell I’m a leg man? Oh, I love the rest of the package on women too, but great legs are what I spot first. Tanned and toned with just the right amount muscle. No stick legs for me. I love a girl with some curves! And Amanda, well, she had all the right ones. Too bad I had no idea who she was at time, would’ve saved all of us a whole lot of trouble.

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