My review of ‘The Last Passenger’…wanted to love it but…


Got for an Amazon Prime Read.

Started off creepy, ended shallow and inconsistent.

Started off creepy and strong then devolved into a not-so-believable mystery. While it’s fast paced, that’s not a compliment as it tends to gloss over some details and/or contradict some aspects of the story or character. The pace does makes it easier to get to the more interesting aspects of the Nazi-ship mystery. Still, there’s parts of the mystery that are never fully explained and you have to take a lot on faith rather than any real science or even speculative science. The creepy parts are explained more so then the time travel aspects, but … meh. By the end I was left with more of a feeling of relief that it’s over rather than satisfaction of a story well told. As for Kate and most of the other characters, not very compelling once the story got going. I’m totally cool with steamy sex scenes. Who doesn’t love some decent porn once in a while? But I found myself skimming the ones here since they were unexpected and unnecessarily long given the overall story and yawn-worthy characters.

Oh, and the writer loves metaphors (which are great, btw, but three sentences in the same paragraph?) and redundancy. If I hadn’t loved Nazi mysteries and ghost stories so much, I would’ve dropped it based on the pulpy writing style.

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