Why Girls Hate Game of Thrones—A Rebuttal

The Mad Reviewer

After I found this highly sexist article called Why Girls Hate Game Of Thrones I’ve been on what I like to call a “slow burn”.  I’ve been stewing about it for two weeks now, biding my time until I got into full rant mode and now I’m ready to explode.  Maybe it’s because I’m feeling crankier than usual due to a strep throat, but either way I couldn’t resist the urge to refute this sexist, idiotic excuse for an article.

Because I’m feeling particularly rant-y I will now dissect the article piece by piece, but be warned that the original article contains coarse language you do not normally find on my blog.  No, there’s no swearing but there are terms I would not use in polite conversation.

So here is why Renata Sellitti thinks all girls hate Game of Thrones the TV series (which can also apply to the books):

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