Free Ebooks from RWA 2014!

I’m spending the week at the Romance Writers Association Conference and getting tons of swag, free books, and getting my learnin’ on at great workshops. Right now, as a fan, you get to benefit since I’m sharing all the free or cheap download code/links to Ebooks that I’ve acquired the last few days.

‘Fairytale Apocalypse’ is on schedule to be released next month, August 2014. I’m shooting for mid month, but no longer then the end of the month. The exact day will be decided once I get down with this conference (tends to put a damper on editing and polishing).

So keep an eye out for announcements on my profiles and Goodreads, Faceback, and my blog at for an awesome, cool giveaway that I’m cooking up for the release. I’m thinking something worth real cash-ola, and all you’ll have to do is spread the word through your social media links. Easy!

Enough chatting… here’s the links! Most are only good for a short time, so don’t wait. Enjoy and share!

All the best,


Sylvia Day ‘Seven Years to Sin’ – Audible book download code YWWPCJZKG89XH

Erika Wilde ‘The Awakening’ – Free download at Amazon/B&N/iTunes/Kobo/GooglePlay

‘Lucky 7 Bad Boys’ Contemporary Romance Box Set On Sale $.99

Mina Khan (who is super sweet and I’ve known her since Comicpalooza 2013) Free Short Story ‘Dead: A Ghost Story’ at Code- YP64D

‘Ophelia’s Lessons’ – Free Amazon download through 7/27

‘Ravishing Rosaline’ – Free Amazon download through 7/27

‘Taming of the Prude’ – Free Amazon download through 7/27

‘Amber Rules’ – Free Download at username:Amber Rules PW: RWA2014

‘Desecration – Wizard Queen at Sixteen’ – Serial part 1 for $.99

‘Unexpected Gifts’ – Free Amazon download –

‘Cream & Honey’ by Maggie Montgomery – Free download Code: XW29E

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