Excerpt from Fairytale Apocalypse- Release Aug 2014!

Excerpt from Fairtytale Apocalypse, will be published Aug 2014!!! Less than a month!

As if she’ll listen to me. Cautiously, Kagan approached her from behind, grateful that his facial markings had faded shortly after he’d sworn his vow to her. “Tessa.”
She jumped, face agog with shock as if she didn’t recognize him in that instant. Her long brown hair hung in matted hanks, a few frizzy strands drifting about her head like a wretched halo. Dirt and dried gore painted her face, making her dilated chestnut eyes appear black. He knew he looked no better, could feel his clothes and hair stiffening as the blood dried. But Tessa—
She was gruesome. She was magnificent. His cock twitched, hardening, urged along by the coppery taste of mortal blood lingering on his tongue. He could hardly restrain his urge to strip her naked, slam her against a wall, and bury himself inside her carnage-soaked body, to forcefully take her as done in ancient times when their worlds existed as one in harmony. Thrusting, pounding, dominating, his ears begged to hear her scream his name in—
“What?” she snapped, pulling him from his lust-addled delusion.
Damn Fae bloodlust!

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