Annoucing the grand opening of Crazy Bird Publishing!

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So what’s important for cover art? Bold images that grab the eye, interesting and vibrant yet uncomplicated colors–you don’t what too much going on. The eye will focus on vivid colors and designs, but too much of a good thing will swamp your message/image. Just like good writing, images should show not tell (at least not too much other than advertising :o) You want your images to speak for your story as much as possible. Abstract, bold, vivid, and more simple art is more popular today. But that still leaves quite a lot of room to play. Your cover should show your genre and spirit of your story at a glance. Email me at for more information!

-Cover Art – $125-$250 for most custom covers Premades $50-$100 -Formatting (ebook/paperback/Smashwords) $25 base + $1 per 1000 words -Editing – Proofreading – $100 base fee + $5 per 1000 words Line Edit – $200 + $6 per 1000 words Content Edit (heavy editing for plot holes, story fixes, etc) $400 + $10 per 1000 words

-Ghostwriting available – prices vary – contact Jacqueline to discuss



2 thoughts on “Annoucing the grand opening of Crazy Bird Publishing!

    1. Absolutely! And spread the word with RWA. I tried to mention it the other night during the class when the one lady mentioned she needed an editor, but we got going into other things. I’m trying to keep my prices competitive yet livable.


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