Dreams of the Queen sale ends this Friday!

$.99 Sale ENDS 4/4! Dreams of the Queen Book 1 of the Brajj Trilogy

Dr. Cass Baros is haunted by dreams of an alien world…

…and will do anything to find it.

Relentlessly, she works her science team–along with her co-project leader and fiancé, Dr. Julian Saunders–in order to create the first lab-contained wormhole. Their boss, Dr. Janson, has a secret agenda. He adds a military contingent, which expands their six person team to twelve and increases tensions between the members. Egos will clash, agendas will
cross, and their worlds will be undone as they travel through the wormhole.

The team, unable to return home and facing numerous dangers–conflicting desires, burning suns, cannibalistic monsters–is plunged into an adventure beyond their control. They struggle to unravel millennia old secrets in an alien world where nothing is what it seems. While Captain Lewis’ leadership strengthens, Cass deals with her destiny as the Brajj queen, and the Brajj, Jeamon, questions his lifelong beliefs and loyalties.

Cass and her team wrestle with her royal status to the Brajj, while being tossed between love and betrayal, genius and madness, and a jealousy frightening enough to cause the destruction of worlds.

Science Fiction/Adventure/Romance

*Rated Mature 18+* Science Fiction/Romance/Adventure/Aliens, zombies,
romance, some time slipping and a wormhole all wrapped up in a mystery!
(Serious sci-fi with a mature romance, violence, language, and some
gore–this is not a fluffy bunny)

What are readers saying?

“Strong Sci-Fi themes & a positively original book, DofQ is one of the most unique “other world” books I’ve read.” Pavarti Tyler, bestselling author

This book is very readable, quite well-composed. I’d like to emphasize that I think the book is in the top echelon of self-published books.” Boyt scifireviewsandgiveaways

“There was one sex-scene passage with a shocking twist/transition that was absolutely brilliant… Writers could study that passage: here’s a technique for making a marginally smarmy character truly despicable in half a page.” Smashed-Rat-On-Press

“The alien culture of the brajj is deftly revealed over time. Plot twists at the end are genuinely startling & leave the reader anticipating the sequel.”

“Devotees of the paranormal genre will appreciate Patricks’ original work […] sci fi & magic meld together perfectly. The dash of romance creeps in slowly, but doesn’t overwhelm or interfere with the plot that will keep fans itching for more.”
InD’Tale Magazine

Patricks throws us one curve ball after another while still keeping her characters engaging enough so that we are affected by each loss. She deftly paints a picture of each main protagonist with all their glory & faults & presents us with a gripping climax.” Reader’s Favorite

“This has a lot of science with the fiction…good military too. The author did a lot of research & a lot of world building. I liked Cass, I loved Captain Lewis.” C. Denney, Paranormal Romance Guild

“DofQ is an entertaining & fun science fiction read with a well rounded mix of horror, military adventure & a touch of erotic romance. The ending of the book, while not entirely unexpected, did shock me a little; the perfect ending to a very good read.” innateplethora.wordpress

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