My Review of ‘Dark Nights’ by Christopher Gray

I received a free copy from NetGally and Sunbow Press for an honest review.

Real life got in the way and slowed down my progress. In some ways, I was eager to get back to reading to found out how it ended, but in other ways I could easily set this book aside for days without craving it.

I enjoyed it. It’s written in 3rd person omniscient. This both worked well for this story and handicapped it. We follow Dr. Doug Lockwood throughout the story. While other characters weave in and out, we’re most often in his head. Yet because of the distant writing style it creates a lack of emotional connection with even the primary MC.

There are strong sci-fi themes backed up by solid science and theoretical science. I very much liked that; however, sometimes the explanations caused the pacing to drag a bit. If it wasn’t for my extreme interest in science/sci-fi, I would’ve been bored more often than not. There’s not a lot of action in this story. Due to the 3rd person omni, it’s more of a telling than showing style of book. That’s normal for 3rd omni, but since most readers are used to a showing style of writing it come s off as too slow.

That’s not to say there’s no action. It’s just that it feels removed from the reader, making less urgent.

I finished more because I wanted to know how everything resolved rather than any attachment to characters. As for the ending and climaxes, well, again I enjoyed the explanations and resolution but more from a logical perspective than emotional. Its ending is realistic and upbeat, but also rather … meh. I closed the book with a sense of … ‘okay, that was good’ but I didn’t experience any triumph or relief. Just … meh. I’m giving it 4 stars, rather than a 3 because it is a complex and well-woven story. Worth reading if you are a lover of hard science and metaphysical questions. If you like fast paced plots… probably not.


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