My Review of ‘Vampires Need Not … Apply? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

3/5 stars


Mayan Godly Fluffiness Abounds

I received this from NetGalley for an honest review.

To start, I am reading this without having read any of the other series books, but the blurb and premise sounded really fun and interesting and it was a by invitation so I figure WTH.

I enjoyed it, but I admit the first couple of chapters I wasn’t fully sold on continuing. Once I started Ixtab’s POV, then I really started to enjoy it. She’s quirky and cynical and just the right amount of desperate without being lame. However, for a 70,000 year old deity, she’s rather … I don’t know … naive? annoying? As much as I wanted to read more about her–and that’s the main reason I kept reading–her story became too drawn out.

Ironically, every character keeps going on about how they need to avert the upcoming apocalypse if they don’t… yada yada; meanwhile, the same character seem far more interested in their love lives than dealing with the apocalypse. This is definitely more of a paranormal romance with a dash of ‘oh we need to save the world’ plot line, then the reverse. Hence, the romance keeps getting derailed and sidetracked in order for the ‘plot’ to continue. Sigh. Enough already. Just have sex so we can get back to saving the world. But once that comes back around everything is solved oh so easily! Happy endings for all!

It is very well-written, and the writing is smooth and fun, but as much as I love snarkiness, even that got old after a while. Every conversation had to be sarcastic, witty, and far longer than necessary. By 2/3 I was skimming.

Not to mention all the redundant reminders of who, what, and where. Reminded me of the meta scene in Spaceballs when the evil side explains their plans in detail, then Dark Helmet says to the audience, “Everybody got that?” We read such details over and over through the book.

Yeah, Mimi, I got it. Enough with the reminders already. I’m not 12. Unless you’re adding those because you needing reminding. Ugh.

That being said, I enjoyed it. I finished it. It was a pleasant read. Would I recommend it? Sure. It was fun and light. Will I be continuing the series. Nah. I can see why it’s so popular. But for me it just didn’t pack enough punch. The twists were predictable and the climaxes … weren’t. Everyone was beautiful and perfect and no one dies or really ends up suffering for very long. Meh.

Who cares? Not me, but if you like this sort of fluffiness, you’ll probably love it.

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