Yes, this is my husband’s band, and yes I’m totally pimping them. But not just because I’m sleeping with the bass player; they happen to be badass heavy metal/alternative rockers. They’ve worked all year to make sure this CD is professional level quality, and the songs are head-banging fun. CDbaby allows you to sample all 6 songs, so if you love rock and roll, then take a minute and try them out. You might just find a new favorite band! And if you do like them, please stop by:

and give them a vote. They’re already ranked #10!!!!

SID SEVENTEEN is an all original hard rock band based out of Houston, Texas. SID SEVENTEEN brings a show that is unrivaled by any other band! SID SEVENTEEN music and stage show is a throw back to the days when bands put on a show and didn’t just play music!

  1. I Can’t Be
 2. Get Away
 3. Prayin’
 4. I Won’d Tell

You What to Do

 5. Take Back Your Life
 6. Gettin’ Fucked Up

Sid Seventeen | Reinvented

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