Movie review of ‘Gravity’

To be fair, I’m not an official movie critic. At best, I review books because I write books, and have done so for almost thirty years. So this review is from the perspective of a movie fan that is slightly more edumacated (deliberately misspelled people!) in science then your average bear.

I didn’t get to see it in 3D because a loved family member who I was not about to leave behind has no depth perception; therefore any and all 3D movies are wasted on her. (Hubs and I are planning on seeing it again in 3D.)

The regular 2D version kicked ass! For a 90 minute file, it has you sucking wind from adrenaline. Will they or won’t they survive???? GAH!

The digital special effects are freaking amazing. I mean, I knew they were digital, and yet they were so good I quickly lost my myself in the environment and the story.

The plot is straightforward–astronauts are in danger from debris field because Russians shot down one of their own satellites, debris ricocheted to a higher orbit, unexpectedly, and now the shuttle is in danger, danger, Will Robinson!!!  Shit hits the fan quickly and in space no one can hear you freak the fuck out.

You think you’ve seen all there is from the sneak peek trailers. Trust me, you haven’t. For such a short film, they’ve managed to sneak a few surprises in there.

Both Bullock and Clooney played their parts well. Clooney is a veteran astronaut on his last mission. Bullock is a first-timer, mission specialist. Clooney is the level-headed practical, I’ve-done-this-a-million-times character, while Bullock admits she hates space. Given that they’re the only faces in the movie (other parts are voices) they did an awesome job carrying an intense storyline.

Technical accuracy??? Overall, I’ll give it a 6/10 because hot damn they really did their research, but there were several things they waived for artistic license. My inner science geek ‘knew’ they were wrong (Hey I’ve been to both NASAs and I grew up in Houston. My old high school is literally in the back yard of Johnson Space Center, and I spent as much time touring the exhibits as watching the shuttles fly over) I know what the inside of a modern spacesuit looks like and they don’t go half nude in their undies. Thing was at the time I didn’t care that Sandra was in her undies because she’d just gotten to temporary safety. And I’m a straight girl! And the fire extinguisher as a propellant … meh. I’ll give’em a pass for creativity. There’s a few other tidbits, but really who gives a shit. I love accurate science in my sci-fi, but you know what I love even more? Fucking badass scifi! And this was an awesome movie!

Gravity glues you to your seat, gives you just enough character background and arc to give a crap, and then tosses everything in a vacuum blender from hell. You will NOT want to leave for a bathroom break or a snack attack because there is no filler in this movie. Every second counts, and you’ll be stunned when it’s over, amazed that it was 90 minutes when it felt like 30, and shaking from the adrenaline withdrawal.

If a normal movie is a day at the amusement park, then Gravity is the monster roller coaster your friends dare you to ride alone.

Do not miss it!

My rating— Full Price Ticket!

My Rating Scale:

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Dollar Theater


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7 thoughts on “Movie review of ‘Gravity’

  1. “I know what the inside of a modern spacesuit looks like and they don’t go half nude in their undies.” This is a very interesting point that you made. I didn’t think too much about it, but I assumed that they wore more than just underwear under their space suit. I think your nowledge of science really brings a great perspective to the movie. I have attached my review for you to read if you are interested:


    1. Part of their underclothing is a temp. conditioning suit with tubes filled with circulating water to help regulate their body temperature. But this wouldn’t look good on screen. A minor detail, but still worth mentioning. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Not me. I just grew up around NASA. My old high school is literally in Johnson Space Center’s backyard, so I end up going to the exhibits a lot. Plus most of my neighbors worked at NASA. It’s amazing the type of info that sticks in your head when you don’t even realize it. I can easily trace my lifelong love of scfi back to growing up in the Space City.


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