Amazon Author Rank Oct 2, 2013

Amazon Author Rank Oct 2, 2013

After my Book Gorilla Promo, and in competition with some heavy hitters like OSC, Howey and Heinlein that are still selling well, I ranked #623 in all science fiction books. I also placed on the paid top 100 sub genres of Metaphysical, Time Travel, and Genetic Engineering. For most of the first day, I was in the top 20 of all three genres! I’ve already seen a bounce over to some of my other books, and I’m hoping this carries over through the rest of the month. My average amount of sales was exceeded in the first day of this month with Book Gorilla’s promo. I’d hoped to make even more sales, but I’m selling in a narrow genre too–science fiction/romance. So, for now, I’m happy. Will let you know more as I see the bounce rate for the month.

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