My review of ‘Knights Templar: A Secret History’ by Graeme Davis

4/5 stars- A very enjoyable afternoon read!

I’ve been a sucker for the Templars since I first discovered them as a teen. I’ve read numerous books about them, non-fiction and fiction, so anytime I find a new book I’ll pounce.

Overall, I enjoyed Knights Templar: A Secret History. It’s a quick read and accurate from what I remember from my readings over the years. Though not exhaustively in depth. This is more of an overview of Templar mainstream history with another perspective on what Templars might have really been doing/might have really found/might have really been protecting/might really still be protecting/plotting.

It’s written from the viewpoint that Mr. Davis was given research materials from another author/researcher, who is now dead under mysterious circumstances. This heightens the conspiracy-theory tone of the entire book. While most of the dates, occurrences, and events are true, like any good ancient history since we were there, we can only speculate.

Most of his speculations are logical, but as they are opinion they’re not factual. Doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

Templars have always been fun to speculate about. Their downfall is, after all, the origin story for the unlucky status of Friday the 13th. The theory on what they Templars are guarding, what their ultimate goal is, while not surprising, was a nice, new twist on Templar legend. Another cool layer to add to the Templar ‘what ifs’…

The pictures were very cool too, though some of the formatting matching the text to the pictures was a bit off. I was using the Kindle app for my Galaxy tab, btw.

Overall a very enjoyable afternoon read!



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