Sneak Peek Scene of Nightmares of the Queen


My rough draft of Lewis meeting up with Ta’mat again in ‘Nightmares of the Queen’, sequel to ‘Dreams of the Queen’
Add it to your Goodreads shelf! Due late 2013/early 2014

The silver-haired, pale-skinned version of Cass stood in the middle of the room, in front of the small metal table bolted to the floor. Gracefully, almost in slow motion, she looked up—no longer staring at the hidden camera—and their gazes met. “Captain Lewis.” Her smile was lazy, indulgent.

Lewis hesitated for one breath before stepping into her den. The door shut behind him with a deep metal clank. He was locked in with an insane goddess until he requested otherwise. A corner of his lips twitched—to smile or to frown?—hell, at the moment even he wasn’t sure. With his hands at the small of his back, clenching his sweat-soaked beret, and his legs shoulder-width apart, he waited just inside the door.

“So good of you to come.”
“As if I had a choice.”
“We all have choices.”
“Do we?”
Watching him as if he might wiggle off her hook any second, she ran her fingers over her lips. “Don’t be absurd, Captain.”
“Why did you ask for me, Ta’mat?”
“Ah.” She strolled closer, head tilted slightly. “I never could fool you. Pity.”


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Scene of Nightmares of the Queen

    1. I am evil, aren’t I? I’m finishing up this chapter. Ta’mat makes certain demands and Lewis has to act as intermediary. I’d say I’m at least halfway, maybe farther, in the first draft. I’m really pushing to have this out at the end of 2013 or early 2014. But I don’t want to rush it too much and mess it up either. I’d hoped to have it out sooner, but life got complicated. If I hadn’t been so busy this spring with the station move and dealing with my annoying work partner I would’ve gotten more done. That’s why I’m released snippets. To keep things interesting.


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