My First 1 Star Rating!!!!!


I finally got my first 1 star rating. Woke up to it this morning. Finally! It’s been a year since I became an Indie author, and I’ve been wondering when–When!?–would my first 1 star arrive. Who would it be??? God, what a relief. I can stop wondering. Or caring. I mean, who gives a shit, right? But the seal has been broken, and well… meh. I got to met Jacqueline Carey while being on an author panel with her in May. My book has gotten its first review making it eligible for Awesome Indies–just need two more. I’ve hit the top 100 in two sub genres three times this summer without being in Kindle Select, without giving my work away for free to thousands, without the help of Bookbub… mainly just me hitting the bricks every week, making new friends and constantly striving to improve my writing.

So… that’s it.

That’s the big deal.

My first 1 star rating.

Anybody want some cake?

2 thoughts on “My First 1 Star Rating!!!!!

  1. That is wonderful news! It’s nice to see all that hard work rewarded. No cake for me, but I’ll have some fruit and do the happy dance for and with you!


    1. Thanks! I feel like a real author now. I mean… you spend so much time wondering and worrying about when that first one will happen because you know it will. When I saw it this morning I was like … oh. Hey. Well. Huh. That kinda sucks, but okay then. I looked around. The sun was still shining. My parrot still loved me. My heart was still beating. My husband was still alive (to the best of my knowledge since he’d at work, lol) I guess that’s it then. Meh… So I shrugged and smiled and decided to celebrate being on the other side of the silliness.

      So here’s some fruit for you!!

      FYI– Lewis’ short should be active on Amazon this evening. I submitted it a couple hours ago, takes about 12 hrs to go live. :o)


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