My Review of ‘The Goodreads Killer’ by Dave Franklin

5/5 stars (It’s also a free download on Amazon for those interested.)


If you don’t have a very dark sense of humor, if you are unable laugh at yourself, if you are unable to see lessons in subjects taken to the extreme and the absurd…

Then this book is not for you. You will not enjoy it. Don’t bother to read it.

I, however, loved it!

No character in his book escapes punishment. No one is fully innocent. No one is completely guilty.

Mr. Franklin has a point on wit describing how everyone has the capacity to become their own worst nightmare. All the old sayings… Be careful what you wish for, karma is bitch, what you put into the world will return to you sevenfold… come together in this quick read. It is especially relevant in this instant, anonymous internet age that blurs the lines between artist/art/audience/critic.

Everyone can be a professional artist/writer now, so too can everyone be a professional critic. But what will we sacrifice in the process? Where will our humanity go? And what will replace it?

To me, this was a cautionary tale reminding us all that now, more than ever, tolerance and respect for one another are vital if we wish to remain human in this accelerated global, computer age. We are all responsible for our actions or lack thereof.

Just one opinion. Read it and see what you think.


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