Have Lapton will Travel… My Review of ‘Seven Unholy Days’ by Jerry Hatchett

4/5 stars

Have laptop will travel…

Matt Decker is an interesting enough protagonist in Seven Unholy Days, flawed, capable, intelligent. All of his POV’s are in first person. The rest of the multiple POVs are in third person. I like multiple POV stories, so overall this worked for me. The first person for Decker was different, and I suspect, more of a gimmick to help get into the character’s head since this is a technothriller rather than a character study. I wouldn’t say that worked so much really, but it didn’t hurt either.

I was looking forward to reading this book, and I enjoyed it. It was fun, pulpy and plot-driven with just enough characterization to make you root for Decker and boo the villain, who is the usual batshit crazy–oh but his parents made him that way!!!!

The techo-babble explanations were nicely done without being too thick. I didn’t get really attached to any of the characters, but then I didn’t expect to either. It is a tech story after all, and as such it delivers on the tech-terrorist/apocalypse aspect.

A bit heavy on some religion, but not in a preachy manner as it was crucial to the plot. There was one plot hole that didn’t really mess up the story. Decker meets the romantic interest Jana in the beginning and is impressed by her, then later when he meets her again he specifically mentions then he just met her, etc. Plus he makes several internal musings that seem to forget that he’d already met her. Weird. But not a big deal.

After all a very good afternoon read. The writing was crisp and clean, and the plot fun and engaging.



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