And we thought we’d Overpopulate the World with People…

129 million books have been published according to PC World. Though this was written in 2010, it’s still relevant and got me to thinking…

Where will Ebooks, the storage of Ebooks and authors of Ebooks be in five years? Ten? Or even Twenty? Virtual data has been determined to weight so little as to be a non-issue, but the storage of virtual data is different. Sure we can compress and smash bits and bytes until we can balance an entire harddrive on the tip of one finger, but we can still fill that up. Then we need another one, and another, and another… For one person that may not be a big deal. Times that by 7 billion. That’s the current world population. I know, not everyone has a computer, yet. But there’s plenty of people that have three or four or ten!

Plus, what about sustainability? Sure Ebooks last forever in theory, but what if Kindles go obsolete? Don’t laugh. Laser discs were once all the rage! What about betamax? Oh… you teens have never heard of those? Hmm… interesting.

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