Teaser for Nightmares of the Queen – sequel to Dreams of the Queen due late 2013/early 2014

“Nanites,” Frank whispered so low he barely spoke. “Far beyond our technology from what I’ve been told.” Nodding, Lewis returned the photo; Frank immediately tucked it back into his pocket.
“But if they know this, then why claim there’s no evidence to support my story?” Lewis asked. “I told them everything.”
“Near as I can figure, they want this whole shitstorm—Janson’s treason, the missing research, your mission and the MIT incident—to disappear. I know they’ve checked to see if you’re connected with Janson’s extracurricular activities.”
“I never—”
Holding up a hand, Frank stopped him. “I know you didn’t! If there was any way I could get involved officially and clear your name, I would. You know that.”
Lewis exhaled, his shoulders slumping. He scrubbed his face with one hand. “Sorry.” The silence grew as the tension eased. Finally, Lewis asked, “How are they explaining all the missing people?”
Frank snorted and drank before answering. “Some cockamamie story about a chemical leak from a research lab killing everyone. They’re telling the families they can’t release the bodies due to the residual toxins, they’ll be safely cremated and their ashes will be delivered in a few months.”

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