Excerpt from ‘Fairytale Apocalypse- The Verge #1’ due out later this year:

“They won’t find us here, Rinn,” a young Kagan whispered to the short saber clutched in his lap. Rinn-Gheur Gaoth had been forged for him last summer, his twenty-eight, at the start of his warrior training. The magical saber would lengthen to fit him as he grew from adolescence to adulthood, many years from now.
Rinn hummed softly, its scintillating blade swirled muted blue rather than its usual brilliance, to help them hide in the night.
In his haste, Kagan had forgotten Rinn’s scabbard, and he held his friend carefully, keeping his fingers from the sharp edge. But Rinn would never knowingly harm him. Only a few months and he trusted the saber more than he trusted himself. More than he trusted anyone else.
“It’ll be alright. Mum and Da will find us.” Kagan patted Rinn’s leather-wrapped handle as he ducked farther into the shadows. It had rained earlier, and moisture dripped from the rocky overhang to soak his hair and dribble over the side of his face. “We’ll just rest for a bit.”
Rinn hummed again, a soothing sound in the middle of the cold damp forest.
Magic of the Verge tickled Kagan’s skin as if trying to breach his physical body. Da said he’d be Guardian and Keeper someday, and the magic would be part of him, be inside of him, but for now it just felt strange. Like a friend whose face and name one couldn’t remember.
Kagan cast his vision beyond the hanging vegetation. “I don’t like it here. How long must we stay?”
Rinn quivered once, twice.
“But I’m cold, can’t we go back now?”
Another quiver.
Kagan started to protest, then hoof beats thundered in the distance and his mouth slammed shut so hard he bit his tongue. He pinched his lips tight over his squeak of pain. Pulling his legs close to his chest, he hugged Rinn and tucked his head. His dark locks partially covered Rinn further dampening his glow.
They won’t find us, they won’t find us, they won’t find us…
Rinn was warm against his chest, and Kagan tried to keep from shivering. It was cold out tonight and he’d forgotten his coat in the rush. He had to be brave for Mum and Da. They would find them soon, and he had to be brav-
“There ya be, lad!” A rough hand grabbed the scruff of his neck…
“Ah! Rinn!”

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