‘The Trouble with Attics’ by S. M. Royston


This is a lovely short story written by a friend of mine. I’m not often surprised these days by fiction or life. I’m the person you sneak up on, grab and say boo, and I don’t flinch. At all. Not even a muscle twitch in my legs. Then I slowly turn my head, smirk and say, “You’ll have to try harder than that.”

You stomp away, grumbling as I laugh.

See… I’ve read too much. See too many movies and as a paramedic and former U.S. Army NCO, well, I’ve experienced a helluva lot more than most people my age. Nerves of steel and a cast iron stomach (not as much as I age, darn it!)

My point?

My friend’s enjoyable little story actually surprised me! Not holy shit, I’m freaked out, but an honest, quiet little ‘oh’ moment that I hadn’t seen coming. And that was nice. I like being surprised because it so rarely happens to me anymore. I’m the annoying friend/family member who always correctly guesses the movie ending, then everyone shakes then heads and accuses me of seeing the movie previously. Nope. Really just good at predicting plot points. There are only so many directions a story can go after certain decisions have been made and assuming the writers are playing by the rules.

Anyhow, so I enjoyed The Trouble with Attics and I think you might enjoy it too. Plus it’s a free read on Goodreads. So take a few minutes, check it out. It’s funny. It’s fantasy. It’s nothing you’re expecting. And please, sign in if you have a GR account and leave a comment for my friend if you enjoyed it. It’ll totally make her day!

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