My Review of Blackwater Lights


Blackwater Lights  by Michael M. Hughes

I received this from Netgalley for r2r and it’s a DNF for me. Therefore I’ve refrained from adding a star rating because I don’t believe in rating a book I can’t finish, but I also agreed to give an opinion. So, I will at least explain why I stopped reading. Three chapters or so in and it reads like a Scy-Fy grade B movie, and not a particularly entertaining one either. The horror setup is bland and cliched, no creep factor at all. Yawn. I’m not hooked and couldn’t care less about the MC or his mystery. Can’t even remember his name actually.

Childhood trauma–check.

Redundancy narration about childhood trauma mystery–check.

Strange phone call from childhood friend who shared trauma–check.

Missing friend upon arrival to childhood town–check.

MC not anxious about missing friend because friend ‘left a note’–check.

Naked woman shows up in the middle of the night while friend is still missing–check.

Bizarro cops acting in cliched conspiracy manner while suddenly arriving to collect woman–check.

MC calm about cops arriving without him calling because ‘they’d been looking for her’ even though it’s in the middle of nowhere–check.

Seriously, Eddie Murphy said it best during his stand up routine about haunted houses. (paraphrased)

Wife: “This sure is a beautiful house!”

Ghost: “GET OUT!”

Eddie: “Sure is, baby, too bad we can’t stay!”

Blackwater Lights

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