Winners of the Poster/Author tagline Contest

Okay… so here’s the result of the poster/author tagline contest. There were some great entries, but no one entry fit just right. Funny thing is three people wrote taglines with a key word that my family and I agreed really worked and a fourth person wrote a tagline without that key word, but that kept pulling at my inspiration. So I mashed all of them together, let it all marinate, ran it past my family a few times… and voila:

Jacqueline Patricks: Expect the Unexpected!

Which means I have four posters to award to: Mary Roya, Autumn, Veronica Smith and Michaela Trott! 

Thanks so much for your entries, and even though I didn’t end up using any specific one, your ideas and viewpoints really helped spark my writing since it’s difficult for anyone to be truly objective about themselves or their work.

Congratulations! You can either message me on FB with your address or email me at, which ever you prefer, and I’ll get it mailed out in the next week.

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