My review of the short story, The Geno Virus.

The Geno Virus by R.K. Troughton

4/5 stars

This is a quick read, an interesting sci-fi short story. It’s a professor’s confession of how he inadvertently caused the end of human life through the creation of his Geno Virus. It’s not what you think, which is rather a cool perspective another apocalyptic tale.

It’s written as if the professor were talking directly to his arresting officer/confessor/you. Which is effective, but is also limiting since the professor’s conversational style blurs throughout the narrative.

There’s quite a lot of technical detail through the story explaining how things came to be, but I found the details to be clear and not confusing. The author does a good job building on each concept as the narrative builds to the professor’s frantic conclusion.

An enjoyable and quick read!

The Geno Virus

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