My Review of “An Uncommon Surfeit of Lipstick”

An Uncommon  Surfeit of Lipstick

5/5 stars recommended for parody/romance readers, the open-minded, those looking for positive gay/lesbian reading

This was a lighthearted romance written with a touch of parody humor in the style of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, without being so absolutely ridiculous. That’s not saying it isn’t ridiculous, or that it doesn’t have its moments of ridiculousness. How can you not expect parody with a title of An Uncommon Surfeit of Lipstick!

Poor Trina is cursed, by her Fairy Bad Mother, Janet, to wear far too much lipstick (used no less) in order to offset her misdeeds and accumulation of unfairly earned good karma. Her life has been just too easy until her 21st birthday, and it’s time to even the scales, and maybe learn something about herself along the way. Because the more lipstick she wears, in the most embarrassing manner, earns her points. And who hasn’t learned a character lesson or two when we’ve been at our lowest? After all, one only truly learns through failure, not success.

Fortunately for Trina, Janet has a plan that she’s not sharing as she trashes Trina’s perfect life.

I really enjoyed this well written, parody in the guise of a modern fairy tale! Short enough to read in a few hours, (which I would’ve if life had cooperated) but intelligent enough to truly engage my mind. This isn’t just fluff (though some might think so) and the author is obviously well educated, well rounded and well edited.

Well done!

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