Contest to win one of my ‘Dreams of the Queen’ posters!

So I need a bit of help. I’m trying to come up with an author brand tagline relating to “Passionate Sci-fi, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction” but I’d like objective options from people who’ve read my work. How did it make YOU feel? I know a bestseller has one like “She’ll keep you up all night…” It has to be easy to remember, catchy and relating the first above tagline.

Here’s the plan… I’m taking all suggestions and the one that works/I like the best (and gets the thumbs up from my family and best friend–lol quality control is important right?) wins one of the ‘Dreams of the Queen’ posters from Comicpalooza. I have a few left. They’re 2’x3′ movie quality vinyl, glossy. They’re NICE! Retails for over $30!!!! And the winner gets one for FREE!!!!! INCLUDING SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!!

How’s that for a contest? Hmmm? This goes until June  15 and you can have multiple entries, so keep the ideas coming!

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