Review of ‘Proof of Heaven’

Four out of Five Stars

On one hand this is a difficult review to write, and on the other it’s very easy. I loved this book because there were many times I was moved to tears and felt a resonance to things that have happened in my life (though I’m not a NDE survivor, I am paramedic and have witnessed strange and wondrous things in my career). Many of the truths and revelations Dr. Alexander reached I’ve felt were true for years. Perhaps it’s pleasant to have someone else write out things that I’d like to be true, things of faith that no one can prove. So to read aspects of his journey and revelations hit home for me.

However, as a medical professional, I agree with others that he doesn’t add the proof of his lack of neocortax activity, only asserts that his was non-functioning during his coma. I would like to accept this at face value by his writing alone, but it would be better to see literature on his actual medical condition. If, in fact, his deep brain functions were gone it adds more credence to his journey. Assuming current medical science can record all of the brain’s activity in a deep coma state. There’s also the questionable possibility of his awakening and experiencing this during his ‘reboot’. Something he doesn’t fully accept as possible. My question is- where does the human brain end and God begin? Could the truth be both?

Faith is such precisely because it is unprovable by science… at least for now.

I guess I like to resolve my scientific mind and my spiritual mind through the first law of thermodynamics or the conservation of energy stating that ‘energy can neither be created or destroyed’ only transformed.

Assuming the human soul is a form of energy separate from the physical body, (and we do know the body is a bio/chemical/electrical machine) then there must be someplace for it to go after the body dies. Because energy can only be transformed. Then there must be something more after physical death.

And that doesn’t take into account all the wonderfully strange things I’ve personally experienced in my life.

That’s my scientific view. My faith is much stronger.

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

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