The panels for Houston Comicpalooza are finalized, and I’m on two author panels on Friday, May 24–Sex in Sci-Fi and Playing God-Creating your own world. But here’s the really awesome part… the second panel I’ll be with one of my favorite authors Jacqueline Carey who wrote the Kushiel series. OMG! I’ll get to meet her while an audience is asking me, her and three other authors questions!!!! That’s freaking awesome!!!!

2 thoughts on “OMG! OMG!

  1. Double wow! That is awesome that you get to meet someone that your really like and respect. Ooooh! Sex in Space….this make my evil mind go crazy. I’ll keep my comments to myself … for now. Looking forward to Comicpalooza. So your dates are 5/24? Any other days?


    1. I’m so excited! I’m going to have to be all cool when I meet her, lol! My panel dates are just the 24, but I’ll be there all weekend through the 25 and 26 at the table I purchased. Hopefully I’ll sell some books *fingers crossed*. I also need to get my freebie samples put together (of Fairytale Apocalypse)


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