Interview with author Jill Sanders

Tell us a little something about yourself as both a person and an author:
I grew up in a large family on a farm in Washington state and LOVE the
northwest area. I’m currently living in East Texas with my husband of
almost 19 years and two teenage boys.

What made you decide to be a writer?
I started wanting to write young adult or romance books when I was a
teenager. I actually wrote a “novel” with my twin sister and best
friend. I’ve started writing a few years back, but didn’t do anything
about it until last year.

What made you pick this genre to write?
I’ve always been a big romance reader. Writing it was my first choice.

Tell us a little about your latest book.
Finding Pride is a heart warming story about Megan Kimble. After her
divorce from a very abusive man, she moves to Pride, Oregon when her
brother, Matt, dies. Deciding to try her hand at a new life in this
small, tight-knit community, she takes over her brother’s new
business, a bed and breakfast, with the help of his best friend Todd
Jordan. Todd, seeing Matt’s sister arrive broken and bruised, feels
it’s not only his calling to see that she is taken care off, but the
fact that he can’t keep his mind off of her, makes him realize he’s
fallen in love.

Discovering Pride tells the story of spit-fire Lacey Jordan. Lacey has
a knack for knowing things before they happen. She helps run her
families restaurant and has always had her life laid out, until she
bumps into the new town doctor, Aaron Stevens. Aaron has just moved in
to town to take over his Grandfather’s medical practice after coming
out of a terrible relationship. All he wants to do is work on turning
the old house he has just purchased into a place he can call home.
But, he can’t stop thinking about the fairy creature he bumped into
while swimming In his pond.

How do you come up with your ideas?
I have always been a “story teller” in my mind. This may sound weird,
but most of my stories come from dreams. Shortly after my mother died,
I started having vivid dreams. Taking my husbands advice, I started
writing them down.

Is there someone in particular you would like to thank for supporting
you through this process?
My twin sister who has been a constant help and support.

Tell us one positive thing that has happened to you since you
published your book(s).
Working and getting to know other indie-authors.

Tell us one negative thing that has happened to you since you
published your book(s).
Some mean & nasty personal reviews set me back.

Finding Pride (The Pride #1)Discovering Pride (The Pride #2)


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