My Review of Dust and Shadow

My Review    4/5 stars

I really enjoyed this. The author did a lot of research, yet kept it from taking over the story. She was able to stay true enough to Doyle’s style that I felt like I was visiting old friends. As with all Sherlock stories, Dr. Watson narrated by first person and she wrote it in the older English style, so some of the phrasings were odd and stilted. But that made it more true to the original series. Even the mystery was, overall, nicely done. Though there was one clue that I felt was deliberately held back by the author in a too obvious manner. If this had been mentioned at the earlier time when appropriate, then it would’ve likely given the murderer away to many readers. By holding it back she allowed Sherlock to solve the crime before his audience. However, once he did it was obvious to me where she, as an author, had decided to withhold. To my mind, this is poor plotting or plot contrivance, which is nothing more than lazy writing/imagination. Other than that, I enjoyed it and am now passing it on to my dad, who is eagerly awaiting its delivery. After all, I gained my love of reading Sherlock Holmes and fascination of history from him, so I’m curious to see what he thinks.

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