Review of Dating the Goblin King (short story)

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3/5 stars

LOL, well it was exactly what I expected. Fun, light and short. About one step away from fan fiction and legal since it’s parody. I admit it. I’m a Labyrinth/GK addict, so when I stumbled across this the other day for $.99 (it was just released this week) I caved. I mean… $.99! Goblin King! Erotic romance! Parody!

It definitely delivers on all of the above, but GK and the parody wavered between being too thin or too forced most of the time. I’ve read far better GK characterizations in fan fics. Still, I chuckled; I smiled; I cringed; I blushed; I squirmed as my ‘sugarlips’ grew warm. Oh yeah. It’s in there. There’s mega purple prose. Seriously. If you hate that, you’ll hate this. But again, parody! Sarcasm!

If you’re a Laby-phile or a GK-ophile, then this will be a fun way to spend thirty minutes to an hour (depending on your reading speed) and you can’t beat the price. Heck, I spend more on my ridiculous coffee, and that doesn’t warm up my sugarlips, just my normal, everyday speaking ones.

If you’re not either of the above, you’ll probably be bewildered and/or disappointed as there are quite a few in jokes and set ups for fans. But the erotic scenes are still fun. Unless you’re a Christian/sweet romance reader, then steer clear. :o)

Overall, I liked it. Didn’t love it. Definitely didn’t hate it. Will probably read it again later on when I remember it, need a few laughs or want my sugarlips warmed up.

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