Lots of writing craziness

I’m working on a prequel to my short story ‘His Last Gift’ – a novella about how Daniel and Katherine started their affair. (it’s my best selling piece right now, go figure. I wrote the first draft over 20 years ago.)

My new, professional cover for ‘Dreams of the Queen’ should be ready in a week or two, so get ready for a new cover reveal!

‘Queen’s’ sequel ‘Nightmares of the Queen’ is coming along nicely. I’m a few chapters in so far as the story fleshes itself out.

I’m also considering a prequel, short story for Captain Lewis.

Fairytale Apocalypse is humming along very well. The back story is falling into place and Kagan’s world is really building up well. The Verge is an amazing place in my mind. I’m happy to get to spend more time there. I’ve decided to add more political details to the Verge and its fae Inlands, which will become more important later on.

Lots of writing craziness, makes me wish I had more time and less sleep deprivation headaches.

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