My IndieReader Review is Blowing Up

So I wasn’t going to link this out to everyone originally for two reasons:

1) I had flubbed my editing even after 13 months of writing, editing, rewriting, being edited by others, rewriting, and so on.
2) Consequently, my rating wasn’t has high as I would’ve liked 3/5. Picky writer. I know.
3) The reviewer seemed to have some personal peeves that had reflected poorly in my review, and aren’t exactly a fair representation of Queen. And, yes, that was the reason for my question about cussing. Was wanting to take a pulse, basically.

So why am I sharing now?

1) According to IndieReader’s rating system, their 3/5 = Good; worth reading. So that’s actually a solid rating. And considering my mess up, I’d say I’m lucky to have it. I’d say it speaks for my overall writing and storytelling ability (which you’ll understand once you read it the full review) even though the editing had flaws. So, really, it’s an editing issue (which I’ve since fixed and the editor noted in the review) and not at all a writing issue. Editing issues are easy fixes. I’ve changed up my system. I got a better editor. I’ve already bought additional software to help. I changed up how I edit, so my brain doesn’t get fired. I get more objective eyes on it when it’s ready to be read. Check, check and double check.
2) If you take away the editing complaint, and the reviewer’s highly subjective opinions, the only parts left are story summery and glowing praise. So… it’s actually pretty darn good.
3) Autumn (tainted peaches) left a comment there yesterday, without telling me she was going to do it, and it made me realize something. She’d just given me tons of cred. Seriously. IndieReader isn’t big, but their connections are (USA Today, etc) which is why I sent them Queen. They rarely get comments on even their 5 stars reviews. Hmm…
4) After she did, I linked a few places to it and it’s blowing up. Most reviews on there don’t get lots of shares or hits from what I’ve been able to tell. In fact, one of the top ten books has a share # of 80 as of this morning and no comments. Mine this morning is 70 with one comment.

So what does all this mean? Well… I made a sale on Amazon since then (which is the only link to buy from IndieReader). I also know, and you do to, that webmasters and marketing gurus watch hit rates like they’re going out of style. This little 3/5 rating would’ve made most people pissed off. (I was very calm and rational with the editor when she emailed me about it. Even asked her to thank my reviewer.) I know I deserved the bad hit on the editing (which will not happen again!), but you know what they say: “Any PR is good PR.” So I think it’s a nice little bump for google to categorize for the future. I think the next book I send them (maybe the sequel) will be scrutinized further, but maybe… just maybe… respected a bit more for the Klout it’s generating.

So without further ado…. here’s the link  [link]

Enjoy and form your own opinions.

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