My opinions and DW Smith’s 2012 report on the publishing world

Those of you who know me, know I follow Dean Wesley Smith’s blog (a long-time, mid-list writer). I don’t always agree with his opinions, but I like reading them. He often has good perspectives on the publishing world from someone who’s been in it several decades and as a writer, publisher, indie and traditional.

His most recent post –> [link] gives a summary of his opinions of what’s happened in 2012 and what he thinks will happen in 2013. He’s been mostly right so far.

After doing much of my own research beyond his blog, I agree that:

1) trad. publishers are currently in rights grabs from writers.

2) most are still offering horrible contracts in the attempt to keep as many rights as possible (why?) Possession is 9/10’s of the law. He who owns it, can sell it. Forever. Remember that.

3) Everything is very much still in flux. Who knows what distribution channels will look like in 5 yrs, or 10. (I think coffee shops/print on demand bookstores will be de rigueur. Technologically hip, socially relevant AND environmentally friendly! What more could a reader ask for? I think music stores could be the same while offering stages to showcase live bands. How cool is that?

4) Big publishing house won’t be dead, but if they don’t restructure (displace heads from asses) they’ll be suffering for a long time.

5) Writers can write what they want again. And readers can read it. Isn’t that what art is supposed to be? The middleman economy sucking the life out of artists is floundering (finally!) Sure artists will have to learn how to manage their careers, but I think that’s a good thing. You can always hire someone if you want. But now you won’t be required to.

D. W. Smith has more to say. I suggest to jump on over and give it a look see.

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