The Future of Publishing

Ever see an Espresso Book Machine in action?

This is the one at Powell’s bookstore in Portland. (Which is a kickass new and used bookstore over a full city block. Been there. Recommend it!)

Fascinating. Exciting. And it brings up the topic of what will publishing and bookstores look like/be like in 10 yrs… 20 ys?

I grew up when there were still small bookstores down the street from my house. I have a feeling there’s going to be Indie bookstores again, but now they’re going to have a digital menu of the available books–bestsellers and Indies (hopefully even their local Indie authors they’re actively marketing) and an Espresso Book Machine will print out your order as you wait, drinking your latte and snacking on your scone.

Or you can place an internet order, pay for it and pick it up later. Maybe even hang out for a bit at the bookstore/coffee shop and read them. How cool would that be?

Ebooks will be mainstream and antique books will lined some shelves, but for those specialty books, collectors and books you’d like signed in real ink by your favorite author… there’s the Espresso Book Machine. It’s only around $50,000, which is doable for a middle sized business.

No more returned books to publishers from bookstores after they over order and couldn’t sell them.

You print exactly what you need.

It’s an interesting place for the big publishers to fit into, but if the Indie bookstores play it right; I think they can be the winners in the new future.

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