Mega Publishers-traditional and virtual

Monopolies are bad. Why? Because they put a stranglehold on free markets. That’s what many have been saying about Amazon and their ebook success, which is why I’m glad B&N has free access to the Nook, Kobo now has writing life for Indie authors and Googlebooks allows Indie listings. And there’s always Smashwords for Apple and various other sites that require a third party publisher.

So what’s the what?

If you haven’t heard what’s been happening in NY during the mega storm Sandy, two of the biggest traditional publishers, Penguin and Random House, have merged. Read more–> [link]

Which means they’re going to control 35% or more of the traditional publishing market in the US.

Well… I wonder how this will effect the market now. Even less outlets for serious writers who still believe in traditional publishing or nothing. By doing this, which I believe is probably a necessary business decision to keep afloat long term, they might just encourage more writers to seek self-publishing. And if they treat writers poorly or worse than poorly, after this merger…

Do I even have to say it?

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