T minus 5 days!

We’re almost there! Five more days until the launch of my first book and let me tell you… this has been exciting, stressful, insane…

I also promise to get back to my fan fiction for those of you reading, Falling. I’ve just be so distracted by getting my book done that I haven’t had time for much else. Sorry!

My reader did the last check on my physical proof copy for minor typos and such this week… and there were a few. I expected it. I would love to believe in getting a 100% clean copy, but I don’t think that’s possible for anyone. You can get really, really close, but no typos, grammar errors, etc… that’s tough. Besides, there’s always going to be something someone can debate over. Bottom line, I feel like my final draft is around 97% clean. I’d like it to be 99% but, frankly, I’m sick to death of reading it, editing it, talking about it, having someone else read it and tell me about it. Enough is enough. At some point you’ve just got to publish or die. And I’m dying here… DYING I TELL YOU!

I still haven’t decided about the Kindle Select program either. I’m on the fence. I’m hearing it doesn’t help new authors as much as it used to, but it still might.  If I enroll in it right away, I won’t be about to sell from my website (autographed paperbacks) which I dislike immensely. If I enroll, then I can’t sell anywhere else for 90 days.  But the other sites–Kobo, B and N, Smashwords–have a longer sales arc, so I’d probably be having stronger sales with them anyhow, basically missing any Christmas push.

If I do enroll in Kindle Select, I get a little extra promotion and three days in which Amazon allows me to give my ebook away for free. I get to pick the days, which means I might reach more random readers. (they download, maybe they read) Or not. It’s all very confusing and frustrating.

Anyhow… so as I decide which marketing strategy to pursue (argh) I’ve decided to change the price of my ebook to $2.99 (because if I do decide to give away free copies on Kindle, then I don’t want to have my initial buyers (who are my most loyal readers) to spend the most money. That doesn’t seem fair to me at all. Especially if I enroll in Select a month later and you could’ve gotten an ebook for free then. (Which I’ll announce here if I do) Though the paperback prices will still be the same because paper is paper and those prices are more set in stone. I have very little control in that area. Basically if I go below a certain point in paper, it’s negative numbers and Amazon doesn’t allow that. (negative means I’m paying them–shea, right)

There’s also my personal giveaway–

On Nov 1, the first 10 people to leave a comment on this blog.
get a free PDF copy of ‘Dreams of the Queen’.  The  comment has to be on my blog, not DA, because that’s the only fair way to do this since I’m leaving posts about this at several of my social sites. But only the blog comments count toward winning a copy. Sound fair?

My head is about to explode now.

One good thing–I’ve been getting great responses back on the Ch 1 sneak peek!  So yeah!  There’s lots of action, romance, fighting, military, smut, angst, mystery, more action… Personally, I feel like it’s science fiction fit for women and men!  But, obviously, my opinion is biased.  LOL!

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