Preview of the cover of my book (paperback)

Dreams of the Queensci-fi/adventure/romanceCass Baros has long dreamed of a an alien world of peace and belonging. Obsessed, she devotes her life to finding it, even if she has to pull apart the fabric of the universe and be the first person to step through. She finds her personal paradise, but discovers inner peace comes at a price.

How much is she willing to sacrifice to be a savior?

With her team, their journey will take them to the edge where science and religion blur. Passion and love, genius and madness, jealously and danger enough to cause the death of worlds await them…

A preview to my first novel’s cover design. I just ordered the proof copy this week, and if it looks good then I’m placing my first trade paperback order (to sell personally and through Amazon) and I’ll also be publishing the e-book.

The tentative launch date is early November.

98K+ words

Paperback 6 x 9 308 pages $9.99 plus shipping
And all paperbacks ordered directly from me (not Amazon) will be autographed with inscription. Same price.

E-book $4.99

I’m thinking I’ll have the Kindle version exclusive on KDP at first, then after 90 days I’ll distribute through Smashwords for the all e-readers.

Wish me luck! I’m super excited!

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