Word Salad for Fun and Learning!

Just a quick note. 

I found this fun site http://www.wordle.net/ that creates tag/text clouds for free. 

It’s a fun and quick way to find out which words you’re overusing in your writing.  I know you can use the find feature in word, but hey, this is WAY more fun, and if there’s anything I’ve learned about learning…

Make it fun! 

Fun = Better Results

I’ve run several of my chapters through it and learned a few things. 

1) I wasn’t overusing the words I thought I was. (Can’t fix what you’ve already fix, right?)

2) Apparently I love using the word “eye” a lot.   Hmm… yeah.  Well, I like to describe human emotion and facial reactions, but … yeah … that’s not cool.  My fic is sci-fi not romance.  The ‘eyes’ don’t have it here. Good thing I’m in re-write/edit mode this week as I’m currently writing the LAST, FRIGGING CHAPTER!!!!!  You heard it!

3) The word search feature in word only searches for words that you tell it to.  If you don’t know you’re overusing a particular word, then how on earth can you search for it?  Ding, ding! 

So this has been a fun exercise today, and I suggest anyone interested in improving their writing try it.

Have fun! 


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