Excerpt from my new original fiction…

Dreams of the Queen: (working title): Dreams of another world have haunted Cass Baros since puberty; they’ve driven her to become a scientist looking for alternate dimensions until she and her team create a portal and discover the exact world of her dreams. However, what this world holds is greater than the secret to her dreams, and Cass will have to face decisions forcing her choose between love, loyalty, and the death of worlds.

I’ve officially started writing it this week! I’ve got 1000 words into the first chapter. (I know, not amazing but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere)  I’m still in heavy research mode as this fic involves physics…not my best topic (why did my brain do this to me) but once I’ve got it smoothed out then I can really take off with it and start posting on Fiction Press. 

And excerpt from the beginning: (yeah…there’s Labyrinth influence but it’s superficial, there’s also going to be influences from H.G. Wells’s Time Machine, a bit of sci-fi like StarGate and others. You put it all in my grab bag imagination, shake vigorously, allow to marinate, and voila! Original story!)

………Here’s it the excerpt….
Darkness reigned in the labyrinthine passages, darkness and cool, crisp subterranean air. Echoing in the distance of the tunnels, numerous voices chanted in an alien tongue. It wove an atmospheric sense of peace and acceptance. She remembered this part; it never changed. The balanced combination of comfort and near suffocation always featured in the dream, but this time a change. A sensation of power and urgency infused her; drowning her toes to her bleached roots.

Looking down, she noticed another new addition to her dream. A man knelt at her feet as if proposing, but she suspected his motives differed. Unable to see his face, his bowed head was festooned with long, straight, ice white hair which ended near his waist. He wore dark clothing that shone fainting iridescent in the low light. She reached out and touched the crown of his head; his hair felt silken to her fingertips and a subtle blue glow emanated at the contact.

“My queen, the time is neigh,” he said, his deep voice bordering on sensual, yet highly respectful. It stirred her emotions; inflamed a previously unknown portion of her femininity.

“Tell me your name,” she asked.

“You know my name,” he answered calmly. His head tilted up and his impossibly, bright bluish-purple eyes pinned her. They were framed by a pale, sharp featured face which she recognized as humanoid but not human. “You’ve always known my name, my Cass, my queen.”

“Tell me!” Cass cried out and gasped as she bolted upright into pitch dark. The caves…she was still in the caves of her dream! No…She clenched a cotton sheet in her fists, it bunched at her chest which rose and fell rapidly. Her bed…she was home…

I would love any comments on this tidbit…this evil teaser…:o)

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