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$.99 Sale ENDS 4/4! Dreams of the Queen Book 1 of the Brajj Trilogy

Dr. Cass Baros is haunted by dreams of an alien world…

…and will do anything to find it.

Relentlessly, she works her science team–along with her co-project leader and fiancé, Dr. Julian Saunders–in order to create the first lab-contained wormhole. Their boss, Dr. Janson, has a secret agenda. He adds a military contingent, which expands their six person team to twelve and increases tensions between the members. Egos will clash, agendas will
cross, and their worlds will be undone as they travel through the wormhole.

The team, unable to return home and facing numerous dangers–conflicting desires, burning suns, cannibalistic monsters–is plunged into an adventure beyond their control. They struggle to unravel millennia old secrets in an alien world where nothing is what it seems. While Captain Lewis’ leadership strengthens, Cass deals with her destiny as the Brajj queen, and the Brajj, Jeamon, questions his lifelong beliefs and loyalties.

Cass and her team wrestle with her royal status to the Brajj, while being tossed between love and betrayal, genius and madness, and a jealousy frightening enough to cause the destruction of worlds.

Science Fiction/Adventure/Romance

*Rated Mature 18+* Science Fiction/Romance/Adventure/Aliens, zombies,
romance, some time slipping and a wormhole all wrapped up in a mystery!
(Serious sci-fi with a mature romance, violence, language, and some
gore–this is not a fluffy bunny)

What are readers saying?

“Strong Sci-Fi themes & a positively original book, DofQ is one of the most unique “other world” books I’ve read.” Pavarti Tyler, bestselling author

This book is very readable, quite well-composed. I’d like to emphasize that I think the book is in the top echelon of self-published books.” Boyt scifireviewsandgiveaways

“There was one sex-scene passage with a shocking twist/transition that was absolutely brilliant… Writers could study that passage: here’s a technique for making a marginally smarmy character truly despicable in half a page.” Smashed-Rat-On-Press

“The alien culture of the brajj is deftly revealed over time. Plot twists at the end are genuinely startling & leave the reader anticipating the sequel.”

“Devotees of the paranormal genre will appreciate Patricks’ original work [...] sci fi & magic meld together perfectly. The dash of romance creeps in slowly, but doesn’t overwhelm or interfere with the plot that will keep fans itching for more.”
InD’Tale Magazine

Patricks throws us one curve ball after another while still keeping her characters engaging enough so that we are affected by each loss. She deftly paints a picture of each main protagonist with all their glory & faults & presents us with a gripping climax.” Reader’s Favorite

“This has a lot of science with the fiction…good military too. The author did a lot of research & a lot of world building. I liked Cass, I loved Captain Lewis.” C. Denney, Paranormal Romance Guild

“DofQ is an entertaining & fun science fiction read with a well rounded mix of horror, military adventure & a touch of erotic romance. The ending of the book, while not entirely unexpected, did shock me a little; the perfect ending to a very good read.” innateplethora.wordpress

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Here’s a VERY preliminary blurb for Destiny of the Queen:

Can a goddess find redemption?
Can a soldier find purpose?

When you think all is lost,
When you believe life is meaningless,
Sometimes your destiny is revealed.
If you’re willing to see the signs,
And brave enough to fight,
You can change the world.


Book Two of the Brajj: Nightmares of the Queen is currently ranked 88, 584 in the Amzon US store and many paperback copies were sold at the live release party yesterday!

Book One of the Brajj: Dreams of the Queen Is currently ranked 16,285

And the prequel short story Captain Lewis’ Broken Dreams is ranked 1,973!

Putting my science fiction author ranking at #447 today. I’m not quite hitting the 100 authors in my genre, but getting closer! Not bad considering I only started publishing just under a year and a half ago. Wonder what another year will bring?

To purchase from Amazon sites:

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You can buy Ebooks and paperbacks directly from me from either the Square Market or my Artfire store.


Remember! Nightmares is officially out March 30th! Just over one week from today! It’s already getting great reviews from the ARC readers. :o) 4s and 5s!


Just click the image to go to the giveaway and follow the instructions! Ends April 14! Open worldwide!

It’s the exciting second book in The Brajj Trilogy. The third book will be out next year, and you won’t believe how it all comes together! You don’t want to miss any of it!



YES! Amazon US and CA have Free Price matched it on Smashwords! It’s now a free download on Kindle. If you’re country is still at $.99 email Amazon and ask for the price match. I’m already getting lots of downloads. This comes with the first four chapters of Queen1, so I’m hoping it’ll introduce more readers to my Brajj Trilogy!



Released due March 30 on all retailers $2.99!

Uploaded at Smashwords and available for 20% free sample, click on image to go to Smashwords, preorders available at all Eretailers except Amazon. Dreams of the Queen will be on sale for $.99 starting March 30 in celebration. Woohoo!


It’s Not Just for Veterans

Sunlight through the glass-paned door beckons me, tugging at the knot of anxiety festering below my sternum. Like a living thing, an alien eating my insides, the knot curls in on itself. It moves upwards to my throat as I long to throw myself into the crystal blue day and away from the morbidity of my world. Would anyone notice if I ran away? Would anyone care?
I hold back, unable to divorce my physical body from my emotional duties. I can’t leave. Not like this. Two people, at least, would notice immediately—my supervisor and my work partner. Of course, my husband would notice by the end of tomorrow when he arrived home unable to find me.
I sigh and turn from paradise back to my lunch.
My hamburger is beefy mush on my tongue, the onion straws crispy yet bland. I’ve read about food tasting like ash during depression, but it isn’t true. My lunch tastes just like it’s supposed to, I just don’t care. But then, I’m not exactly depressed. I’m traumatized, and I’m disassociating. How do I know?
I’m a paramedic with twenty-one years of field experience and a person willing to face the truth about myself. Besides, I’ve been down this road before. It’s not pretty, but it’s real and it happens all too often. And all too often it’s overlooked by those who should be paying close attention—our supervisors. Medics are written off as being in a bad mood, having attitude problems, or labeled as burn-outs when the underlying problem is chronic PTSD—post traumatic stress disorder.
Oh yeah, we have it.
It’s not just for combats veterans anymore.
My shift is a few hours into its twenty-four hours, and already I’m impatient for it to be over. My partner and I have run a couple of calls, nothing too complicated, but the dread of the unknown presses heavier on me with every passing minute. What will the next call be like? Will I be able to handle it? What if it’s like the bad one last shift? What if, what if, what if…?
Gulping, I swallowed the lump of beef and onion mash and close my eyes against the freedom of the sunshine. It’s not meant for me today. Now is about duty and responsibility and a damned paycheck.
You can do this. It’s just twenty or so more hours. Not like your head’s gonna explode.
No, not my head. Just my sanity.
I reach for my iced tea. A barely perceptible shake rules my hand. I feel it more than see it. But it’s there all the same. My hands never shake. I’m the calm one, the old-timer medic with the cool hands no matter what the world throws at me. I’m the one who pushes the green medics to go beyond their comfort zone, to avoid handicapping themselves in a career that requires a certain amount of arrogance balanced by humility. I’m the one who jumps in with the guys, lifting and hefting my fair share and more.
I clench my hand into a fist. Inside your skull, no one can hear you scream. It’s a safe place to slowly go insane. No one has to know you’re fracturing, crumbling a bit at a time until it’s too late. And won’t that be fun?
The knot in my chest tightens. Maybe I can’t do this, not today, maybe tomorrow, but too much has happened this year, and this week was just frosting on the lumpy, leaning cake. I thought I could, but the more I think about it the tighter the knot gets and the colder my lunch grows. Breakfast was the same. I didn’t even finish my coffee. I love my daily coffee.
Funny how I keep ordering food today, but not eating it. I’m hungry but I don’t care. I don’t care about anything but the sunlight




Title: Crossfire & Firestorm (Two Books In One)

Author: Kyra Dune

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Spy Thriller



Three factions rule Southern Archaides: the human faction – known as The Delegation, the demon faction – known as The Underground, and the saint faction – known as The Syndicate. But power between the three is far from equal and there are those who seek to change that at any cost.

 Angel is a breed – half human, half demon – working for a private investigator in the city of New Hope. But when her boss goes missing she finds herself plunged into a world of spies, lies, murder plots, and deadly secrets.

 It’s a tangled web to unravel and for every answer Angel uncovers, a dozen new questions emerge. Someone is trying to pit the three factions against each other, but who and why? It’s up to Angel to find out before all out war buries Southern Archaides in ash.


“So what’s up with the goons? Are you having me followed?”

 “Only since this morning. I figured you’d show up at Bo’s eventually.” He drummed his blunt fingers on the table. “Sorry about bringing up bad memories over The Boneyard, but it was the only thing I could think of that might get you to come.”

 Angel shrugged. “It worked. So why did you want to see me? I have a feeling it’s not so you can tell me where Bo is, even though I think you know.”

His fingers stilled. “I brought you here to tell you to back off. Stay out of this, Angel. It’s way too big for you.”

 “You expect me to abandon Bo on your say so?” She laughed. “You’re crazy if you really believe I would do that. Where is he, Rez? What were you looking for in his office?”

 “Still the same old Angel. Still living your life all about Bo. Wonderful, noble, heroic, Bo.” He snorted. “Tell me how noble it is to take a scared kid off the street and turn her into your little puppet.”

 Angel stiffened. “Everything I’ve done is to repay Bo for taking me in and giving me a reason to live. It’s called gratitude, look it up.”

 Rez’s lip curled back over his teeth. “Yeah, Bo gave you a reason to live all right. He also gave you a home and a family, then he took it all away. What do you owe him for that?”

 “I didn’t fit in at the Shelter. Bo taking me out was the best thing for everyone involved.”

 “You are so…” Rez growled, curling his hands into fists and shaking them. The muscles in his arms bulged. “Pigheaded, stubborn, stupid…. You still believe that bullshit? Bo took you out of the Shelter because of me. Because we were getting too close and he was afraid somebody besides him would have some influence over you. He was afraid he was losing control. I tried to tell you that the night you left, but you wouldn’t listen.”

 “And I’m not listening now.” Angel drew her pistol and was on her feet in one quick motion which would have caught anybody less familiar with her completely off-guard.

 Rez caught Angel’s wrist and held it tight enough to show he meant business. The barrel of the gun was pointed right between his eyes. “I could break your arm.”

“And I could shoot you in the face.” Angel’s finger hovered over the trigger.

“But you won’t.”

 She thumbed back the hammer. “Try me.”

Captain Lewis’ Broken Dreams in competing in sexiest cover category of the

Romance Writers of America Jabbic annual contest. Please Vote! Thanks! Link imbedded in the imageImage




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